How It All Started

Patriotic Pest Solutions LLC was formed in the summer of 2014, Karla, have worked for a large corporate pest control company for 14 years was forced to resign to assist with taking care of her mother Sherry when she became very ill. Some time later we lost Sherry to the battle with cancer. Karla, going through the grieving process wasn’t interested in returning to the corporate world and decided to take some time off. In 2014, Karla and Paul discussed and decided that they would start a small business for her and their children to grow . So in May of 2014, Karla and Paul tapped into the savings, filed for the LLC and then the dream became a reality as Patriotic Pest Solutions LLC was formed. Karla studied endless hours so she could take her Qualifying Party test with the state of Arizona which she passed extraordinarily well.

When the business first started, Karla spent a lot of time getting customers signed up for regular ongoing services. It didn’t take long until the business took off as customers were delighted with the service that Karla was providing and they were amazed at her wealth of knowledge which then resulted into continuous referrals. To date, the vast majority of Patriotic Pest Solutions LLC have been by word of mouth referrals.

Since the start of the business the Davis’s now have their son Jacob working as one of the technicians. Jacob is very loyal and does an outstanding job servicing his customers. Jacob always reaches out to Karla whenever he needs advice on how to address a specific issue a customer might have. Jacob works really hard and understands that one day this business will be his to own and operate. Jacob is truly an asset to our business and customers.

What Keeps Me Motivated

We aim to be one of the best Pest Control business’s in the Metro Phoenix market. We are consistently putting money back into the business to make sure we have a good reliable fleet, we do not purchase 2nd tier products and we want to continue to grow the business for years to come.

Our customers are our most important asset and we want to make sure they get the best service possible and we solve their pest issues. We also felt communication was important to our customers and last year we went to a complete paperless system that offers our customers reminder text’s and emails of their upcoming services as well as easy payment processing which can all be done online through the customer portal.

Lastly, we want to pass this business on to our children so they can pass it on to their children. We have worked very hard our entire lives and continue to do so in hopes our future generations will have a nice foundation to work with and expand.

What I Am Most Looking Forward To

We most look forward to building our business to pass on to generations to come. When we look at our grandson we are hopeful that Patriotic Pest Solutions LLC is still growing when he gets of age so he will be able to learn the trade and carry on for decades to come. This would be a happy ending to a dream that was started by Paul and Karla back in 2014.


Paul Davis and Karla Davis
Patriotic Pest Solutions LLC

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